fredag 8 oktober 2010

Premiere: Properties Revolution Worldwide: The NEW :)

Premiere: The NEW :)

32 000 new photo-listings: for-rent houses & apartments worldwide! Where on earth do you WANT to live?

We have partnered up with world's biggest Properties for-rent website - they display all their for-rent-listings worldwide on FREE With pictures.

Several other sites around the world are also starting to showcase their property listings for free, including for rent by agent or for rent by owner on our global site. We can read xml feeds automatically.

Sell, rent out or swap your home. PLUS UNIQUE make want to buy/rent-listings. Still simple. Still free. 

Try us now:

3 examples of existing Real Estate property listings:
--> Stockholm, Sweden: Room For Rent
-->  Berlin, Germany: For Rent apartments
-->  Nice, France: house For Sale

featured: Scandinavia incl Stockholm & Copenhagen, Hurghada Egypt, London, Barcelona, Thailand, USA.

Read more about us including Press releases, ad in Sweden's leading business mag Dagens Industri etc:

While the Real Estate sector largely has NOT changed since 1999, is doing what the Wall Street Journal predicted - changing the rules of the market by offering a unique concept for homes and real-eastate renting, swapping and buiyng/selling (incl "wish to buy" & "wish to rent" listings). Our ability to easily handle both local and cross-country /-regional transactions with several languages and currencies makes us the worldwide one stop shop for both local AND global home transactions.